R.I.L.E. (Rhode Island Leather Enthusiats)

Branding, Marketing & Graphic Design Services

In the summer of 2022, the Rhode Island Leather Enthusiasts (R.I.L.E.) was formed as a social club in the LGBTQI+ to celebrate the diversity of the leather community in Rhode Island. I was approached to handle all aspects of marketing and design for the organization, starting with creating the branding.
Project Type
Graphic Design
Skills Used
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, HTML/CSS, Wordpress


From the beginning the organization wanted a strong icon that represented the club as an anchor in the community. Learning about the community itself as well as the symbols that resonated with them, I created the logo with a muir cap to symbolize the leather and strength; the anchor symbolizes the brotherhood of the group members; I utilized three shades of blue to represent diversity; and finally the whole thing was wrapped in a shield to symbolize protection. Overall the logo worked very well for the group and has been recognized across the country and internationally at events.


R.I.L.E. hosts several events at their home bar in Providence and, as such, I am called upon to create flyers, advertisements and social media posts for the group. Many of the flyers are suggestive in nature, but keep a sense of class and decorum that is important to the founders of the club. In addition, I have overseen the social media outlets including Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram. From setting up events, to doing member spotlights, all aspect of marketing have fallen under my purview.


In addition to the branding and the marketing, I was charged with creating a website for the organization. Utilizing Wordpress, the site was created with both a forward facing informational site with digital application for membership as well as a member's only area. This area is locked down so that only club members may access certain information, as well as containing a social area for members to share their thoughts, images and videos.
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