30th International Conference on Business Innovation

Branding & Graphic Design

In April, 2016, the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA) celebrated its 30th Conference on Business Incubation in Orlando, Florida. I was responsible for creating all marketing materials related to the conference.
Project Type
Graphic Design
Skills Used
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign; HTML/CSS

Design Work

While InBIA had just undergone a brand change, the conference should have a distinctive feel while still adhering to the brand standards. This project included a 20-page sales prospectus, a 48-page conference program guide, a series of printed postcards (4 distinct designs), numerous show banners and signs, and a variety of flyers and other marketing collateral. Below, you can see just a few examples

Web Development

While InBIA had an extensive website, this conference was big enough to warrant its own website. I was responsible for the overall design, the coding of the WordPress theme and the overall maintenance of the site. In addition, I was responsible for designing and coding multiple email marketing pieces as part of the campaign to drive registrations.

Mobile App Design

In addition to the website, a standalone mobile app was created for use during the conference. While we used an existing app service, my job was to create all design elements for the app, upload and manage content and troubleshoot the app during the conference itself.
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